Crohns Disease

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the bowel. It can occur anywhere in the body but tends to affect the gastrointestinal tract. It is caused by a response malfunction in the immune system when it cannot differentiate between normal matter in the body and foreign objects. Instead the of protecting the body from disease, […]

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

What is Alzheimers? Alzheimer’s Disease is an irremediable, deteriorating brain disease that gradually damages memory and thinking capabilities, and ultimately the inability to function in everyday situations. With most individuals, Alzheimer’s disease appears past age 60. However, approximation varies, but specialist propose that more than 4 million Americans alone could have Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is […]

The ideal age for children to learn to read and write

Although each child has their own pace, to learn to read and write must be achieved before a good level of spoken and proper coordination of movement. Therefore, it is estimated that the ideal age for learning literacy is around 6 years. Before this age, they can do activities that facilitate later learning. Once you […]

Treatment of fungus: Fungal skin infections in the head

The skin infections by fungi in the head are caused by Trichophyton tonsurans and sometimes by the Microsporum canis in very young people between 4 and 14. How can you acquire these fungal skin infections? It can be spread by contact with hair and infected cells that are found in movie theater seats, combs or […]

How To Apply Massage Therapy To Help Sleep

For many people there is most unnerving of not being able to sleep. The causes are varied: too much noise, too heavy dinner, the film that caused you anxiety, fluorescent screens of the now inseparable tablet, smartphone and notebook. If your partner should suffer from insomnia or at least should not be able to sleep […]

How To Hide Dark Circles in 3 Steps

Dark circles and bags under the eyes, a problem not only in women but also in men, are caused by stress, fatigue, allergies or circulatory disorders. They show as blue halo or simply dark under the lower lashes and to the inner corner of the eye. Dark circles and the dark color that characterizes them […]

How to control high blood pressure

The high blood pressure or hypertension is a cardiac risk factor that shows no sign. Therefore, it is important to control blood pressure regularly and to learn this is very important aspect of your health. If you already have a diagnosis of hypertension, you must take steps to control it. A good diet, physical activity […]

How to delay menstruation

Delaying menstruation is a recurring theme among women quite ready to marry or to be on vacation and do not want them ruining the period honeymoon or fun on the beaches. Making your period delay is not risky if not abuse of this practice, since you are altering the entire cycle of the organism. To […]

How to prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy

The high blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy is called preeclampsia and can be highly dangerous to both mother and baby. Detection and early treatment of this problem is essential to avoid complications related to the health of both. There are different types of hypertension in pregnancy, a pregnancy begins before the other cases occur […]