How To Apply Massage Therapy To Help Sleep

For many people there is most unnerving of not being able to sleep. The causes are varied: too much noise, too heavy dinner, the film that caused you anxiety, fluorescent screens of the now inseparable tablet, smartphone and notebook. If your partner should suffer from insomnia or at least should not be able to sleep well, it could also disturb your sleep. That’s why you may learn a few basic massage technique that helps to sleep.

Before starting the massage, you should make sure of a few things. The room should have a mild temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Before the massage, you may want that your partner (or your guinea pig) did a hot bath. In this way, the essential oils (lavender, sandalwood or chamomile, allies of sleep) that will be procured even better skin. Choose a diffused light into the room, turning off the chandelier and serving you instead of lamps and candles. Then you lie down blankets and lay back the person that you will have to massage the below belly.

The first massage requires that you kneel near the head of the subject to be massaged so that your knees are in front of his head. Put a little oil on your hands and, starting from the neck, walk through the entire spine until you reach the base of the spine. Then ascend slowly. Repeat this several times. Your touch should be firm but at the same time delicate. Pay attention also to the pace to be slow and steady.

The second massage provides that positions you at the side of the person to be massaged. With his hands, he began to manipulate the opposite shoulder to where you are sitting. Then it will be the turn of the central part of the back and, finally, the shoulder near you. In this case, you can repeat the process several times.

The third type of massage that helps to facilitate sleep plans to repeat the first and second together for seven times You will know if the massage is effective if your partner will fall asleep before you have finished.

Remember that you can also practice a sort of self-massage to recover from sleeping disorder, helping with water, which can help you to reconcile your sleep. It requires you to put your wrists under running water for a few minutes before going back to bed not completely dry but put to bed lying on his side with his arms folded. Breathe in and out through the nose, inflating and deflating your belly. If your hands warm up, you should start to relax and get to sleep.