How To Exfoliate Your Body With The Best Exfoliator For Sensitive Skin

Exfoliating your body is an important task that everyone should go at least once every two weeks. Using specific exfoliator for sensitive skin not only allows you to have a skin soft and silky to the touch, but causes the epidermis to continuously regenerate the body’s defense against external aggression.

Depending on the part of the body that you want to exfoliate, it is good to clarify some points: the scrub with coarse and strong power are recommended only for exfoliating the body, while others (such as scrubbing) are perfect for the face as milder. For the legs are very comfortable and practical the scrub gloves made of hair, and the face are perfect for those soft bristle brushes that allow a more complete and deep cleansing.

Exfoliating regularly to prevent dry skin and ingrown hairs and is very effective for all those who fight against blemishes and acne scars and stretch marks. There are various types of products: delicate and sensitive skin, with sea salt or with completely natural ingredients, astringent for oily skin. It is important to apply the scrub on parts of the body previously moistened rubbing for few minutes with circular movements (this will encourage circulation). Rinse with lukewarm water. Then it is essential to use a moisturizer to restore the Ph of the skin and help it penetrate the active ingredients. A good exfoliation can be very useful before waxing: the skin softens and any hair underneath the skin will become much easier to be removed!

If you don’t want to spend tens or hundreds of dollars in perfumery, you can get in a very simple way of homemade scrub; for areas of the body like arms and legs you can merge a little coarse salt, lemon and olive oil. For more sensitive areas like the face, mix sugar, cocoa and honey in equal proportions (if you have dry skin you can add oat flour).

A good scrub should not be expensive, but if you want to enjoy a day of well-being and total relaxation you can rely on experienced hands and many spa that will offer the most suitable treatments for your needs.