How To Hide Dark Circles in 3 Steps

Dark circles and bags under the eyes, a problem not only in women but also in men, are caused by stress, fatigue, allergies or circulatory disorders. They show as blue halo or simply dark under the lower lashes and to the inner corner of the eye. Dark circles and the dark color that characterizes them are a result of a problem of capillary vasodilatation.

If the blemish is neglected it can happen that can escalate over the years. The aging tends to relax the lower eye area and due to an accumulation of fat dark circles can be transformed into bags. The eyes, “mirror of the soul,” say everything about you and your lives, express your mood and age. The look is critical when you deal with others and it is useful and relatively easy to hide the blemishes with make up.

You need corrector and soft brush to precede the action.

Prevention is better than cure, with some tricks you can delete or reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. A healthy, restful sleep and a diet rich in vitamin K and vitamin C help to strengthen capillaries and therefore prevent injury due to the micro circles. Equally important is to keep the lower lid very hydrated using specific creams and gels Anti dark circles. If the blemish go away or if it is a problem physiological and therefore not preventable, however, you can hide it with a skillful make up.

Dark circles can be hidden easily with the use of a concealer before foundation. There are pen, roll-on or cream to be applied with the brush. The make up artist recommend the latter type being more easily reduced the concealer usually a cream rather oily and tends to accumulate.

The color should be similar to your natural color and slightly lighter than the foundation. The light color will give volume notch and give a bright look. Avoid absolutely the white that makes it impossible to hide the dark halo and can even accentuate the imperfections. Apply the concealer on the dark areas of the eye, under the lower lashes, in the hollow interior of the eye and, slightly, even in the outer part to even out the complexion.

The area around the eyes is very delicate, the skin is very thin but it is also very responsive for a special occasion you can temporarily mask dark circles and bags vials with immediate effect whitening or moisturizing.

These vials are sold in a pharmacy or perfumery but only for special occasions. A natural but just as effective is the use of chamomile compresses to the eyes before make up or at night before going to sleep is also useful natural remedy. Get quick and the cold of zucchini or two slices of potato rinsed well, keep them in the fridge for a few hours and then apply them on your eyes for packs of ten minutes or until they are less cold eyes.