How to delay menstruation

Delaying menstruation is a recurring theme among women quite ready to marry or to be on vacation and do not want them ruining the period honeymoon or fun on the beaches. Making your period delay is not risky if not abuse of this practice, since you are altering the entire cycle of the organism. To […]

How to prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy

The high blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy is called preeclampsia and can be highly dangerous to both mother and baby. Detection and early treatment of this problem is essential to avoid complications related to the health of both. There are different types of hypertension in pregnancy, a pregnancy begins before the other cases occur […]

How to Moisturize your hair naturally

If your hair is dry and want to keep it moist with economic and treatments that do not harm the environment, you can follow these tips for hair moisture naturally. Your hair will look shiny, healthy and frizz-free without the need to use expensive cosmetics or chemicals complex. Today you return to the simple and […]

Natural Remedies and Healing Properties of Cocoa

Cocoa belonging to the family of Sterculiaceae, is a tree native to the warm countries of America. In the wild, this tree is about 10 meters high. Its trunk is straight with reddish gray bark, and very thick and rounded crown. When young, the leaves are large, alternate, persistent, reddish, with petioles stipulated. The flowers […]

Manual lymphatic drainage technique

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) seeks activating circulation by stimulating lymph vessels and lymph nodes, which facilitates the removal of excess interstitial fluid. It’s called drainage massage and knead because their tissue maneuvers but drain it. Lymph is the carrying substances that are not transported by the venous system, it has protein, metabolic waste, fat […]

Menopause: the first 45 issues

Menopause at the gates? Do you think you have arrived at that point in your life where you find yourself in front of the first symptoms? Yes, the well-being of the woman begins to be questioned by the time it reach 45 years; offending age because at this time of a woman’s life can begin […]